The History

The Brethren assembly of Rwanda is known as Inkuru Nziza church Ministries was firstly established by the law N°465/08 du Sept. 1962 J.O du 1 oct by Jack and Marion Lacey from CMML in USA, together with a Rwandan called NYAMUKAMA Michel. They started by preaching the Gospel on Rwanda Radio broadcasting, distributing gospel tracts, and having fellowship on Sunday. They also started Emmaus Bible Correspondence. While the Ministry has achieved phenomenal success over the years the church continues to grows in number and through planting different campuses in the region of Rwanda, where 185 churches were planted though many of them are closed because of not yet meeting government requirements settled in 2018, and others closed because of covid-19 pandemic instructions. So far there is 67 assemblies closed and 118 allowed to have fellowship, and others are still working to meet requirement and believers are fellowship at their homes. Even if the church has gone through different challenge, we have so much to thank our LORD and Savior. To pursue the vision and mission, Inkuru Nziza has to strengthen the implementation of key strategies under the two identified pillars which is mainly evangelism and community social development. The focus of Inkuru Nziza Church is the evangelism through communities of urban and rural village on outreach with a goal to transform both the spiritual and physical needs. We have established mission churches among the unreached communities in Rwanda since 1962 where by 1984 the first branch was planted in Northern province and now we have 169 assemblies different Region of Rwanda.

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  Itorero Inkuru Nziza Paroisse Cyabatanzi , Rikorera mu Karere ka Gasabo , Umurenge wa Rusororo , Akagali ka Gasagara , Mu gikorwa Ngarukamwaka cyo gutanga Mutuelle de sante ku bakristo ndetse n’abaturage badafite ubushobozi bwo kugura mutuelle de sante , Batanze mutuelle de sante ku abaturage magana atandatu (600) , Ni mu gikorwa kitabiriwe […]

It was with a great joy to celebrate the achievement of 157 Elder people who completed their one year literacy program in Inkurunziza church southern western