Evangelism and Discipleship

  1. Local Churches Ministry (Lcm): Encourage church planting initiatives in places where we don’t have many churches
  2. Discipleship Program and Community Outreach: Establish a system of friendship evangelism that carefully peers church members with the unchurched families in the neighborhood in order to lead them to salvation (One to one and door to door preaching)
  • Christian Education –Leaders Training: Helping leaders and pastors to develop necessary skills and abilities for spiritual growth and being faithful stewards.
  • Gospel Mission Outreaches (Sending Missionaries): To make multiplying and reproductive disciples among believe

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  Itorero Inkuru Nziza Paroisse Cyabatanzi , Rikorera mu Karere ka Gasabo , Umurenge wa Rusororo , Akagali ka Gasagara , Mu gikorwa Ngarukamwaka cyo gutanga Mutuelle de sante ku bakristo ndetse n’abaturage badafite ubushobozi bwo kugura mutuelle de sante , Batanze mutuelle de sante ku abaturage magana atandatu (600) , Ni mu gikorwa kitabiriwe […]

It was with a great joy to celebrate the achievement of 157 Elder people who completed their one year literacy program in Inkurunziza church southern western