National Youth Leaders Conference 2023


This project proposal is for the youth of Inkuru Nziza Brethren Assemblies Rwanda for them to have the National Youth Leaders Conference, with the goal of refreshing, building up, and sharing their experience after a long gap of churches closed and Covid-19 influence in their context.  The Inkuru Nziza church Leadership has a strong belief in the young generation and their potential and passion it is something that the church cannot take for granted, it is, therefore, our desire to help our youth ministry department to have this conference and empower them with a fresh vision and leadership strategies of how they can serve God better as they reach out their generation and others with the GOSPEL and also be involved in church leadership as they use their talent and skills for church development.

The Inkuru Nziza Church Rwanda hosted the first National Brethren conference in December 2022, As a result of it, it was discovered that few young people attended this conference, however, we have found that its beneficial for them to organize youth leaders’ national conference in their context. This conference it will take place in August 2023. Youth leaders will be equipped with biblical principles and practical, take-home tools for ministering to young people under their leadership. The Conference will look at not only what it means to teach and train young people in church but also how we can effectively commission them into ministry and mission .


The Mission Statement of EIR

Inkuru Nziza church has the mission of preaching the good news based on the word of God the Holy Bible and carrying out socio-development activities.

The Vision Statement of the EIR Youth: We exist “To help the young people to Believe in Jesus, to become his disciples, to Belong to his family in order to Build God’s Kingdom Our goals are basically relying on the following four words:

  1. BELIEVE in Jesus: The Greek word pisteuō means to believe, trust, rely upon, and its related noun is pistis (faith). In his Gospel, John never used the words repent, repentance, … It is clear that the main mission of the church has to be sharing the gospel of Jesus, The Bible gave us a clear Picture of the Gospel in the book of 1Cor 15 , that this gospel has saved us, is that Christ was buried , and was raised from the dead on the third day according to the scripture, finally He was seen. As young people we believe that our first mandate is sharing the Gospel of Jesus, helping people to experience the saving Faith.


  1. BECOME His Disciples: It is our Joy to experience the life-changing story of some young people we believe in God’s word. 1Cor 5:17, If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation, in other words, He is totally changed, transformed into becoming the follower of Jesus Christ and make others Jesus’ disciples.
  2. BELONG to His Family: To be part of God’s family means having a large and loving family, who care each other and others for their welfare and development.

Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” We were never meant to do life alone. We need the love and care of others, as much as we are needed by others in the same ways. Galatians 6:2 .

Those who have received Jesus Christ have Him not only as Lord and Savior but also as elder brother (Romans 8:29; Colossians 1:15, 18; Hebrews 1:6; Revelation 1:5)

  1. BUILD God’s Kingdom: Each of us has also been given talents and abilities that we may use in building up the kingdom of God. These are precious gifts from our Heavenly Father. President Brigham Young gave this counsel: “If you give anything for the building up of the Kingdom of God, give the best you have.



Young people are increasingly identifying as “spiritual, but not religious”. In the literature, religion is increasingly conceptualized as an organized socio-cultural-historical system, and spirituality as an individual’s personal quest for meaning, satisfaction, and wisdom. For instance, a widely used definition of religion is: … an organized system of beliefs, practices, rituals, and symbols that serve: 1) to facilitate individuals’ closeness to the sacred or transcendent other (i.e., God, higher power, ultimate truth) 2) to bring about an understanding of an individual’s relationship and responsibility to others living together in community (Koenig et al., 2001: p. 18). The Involvement of youth in church activities results into a significant church growth in an opposite way their disengagement in the church may also into dwindling. This means that their participation contributes a big role to the best growth of the church, therefore their decline in the church will cause the church into bad effect.  One of the biggest problem in which our church is facing is just the analysis or understanding the culture of this generation.

The following are some highlights of what we to this youth generation: They the generation that wants to grow too slow and too fast at the same time, this the only generation in history that does not need their parents, teachers and youth worker to feed them with INFORMATION the only need the old ( Parent , teachers. Youth worker) FOR INTERPRETATION, they have ACCESS to any information they just need GUIDANCE. Pastors, Youth workers, Teachers, Parents DON’T KNOW how to handle this generation. If we don’t prayerfully engage and mentor them three Scenario’s:

  • Empty churches that will remain to be Museums
  • Dead church with few old people who are set to extinction
  • If their energy, creativity and Passion is not used in the church, it will be used elsewhere. (Whoever win this generation win)

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