Forty women has graduated from sewing skills program supported by Inkuru-Nziza church

This week the Inkurunziza Church of Rwanda thanked women and girls who completed their studies at the Center for Applied Skills Studies   (VTC Center ) , these students have been taught tailoring for about a year through the support of Inkurunziza church in collaboration with Missionary Chrissie Mulindabigwi, who has been serving in Rwanda over twenty years with inkurunziza under the development and Welfare of Christians in the Church and Rwandans in General.


Each year the Inkurunziza emits about five hundred students taught different professions across the country where the church has a variety of activities and ministries. Students who ended up studying with the help of the church thank God who enabled them.


Byukusenge Alice, the Mother who was able to conclude these studies, thanked the leadership of Inkurunziza for the opportunity given to them  which has helped them to learn some skills  in her words said: “ I am now able to sew clothes like a model with my family, in the previous time  I was giving money elsewhere but now they are bringing it to me, I encourage women and girls to participate in this profession because it is helpful and a life-changing ”

The Inkurunziza Church Legal representative  Pastor Juvenal Ngendahayo reminded the participants that Inkurunziza is a church that aims to deliver the gospel of Jesus Christ and to take care of the well-being of the Rwandans, he thanked the students who gave their time and learn the skills. He also reminded them that what would enable them to achieve more is that they believe in God and who guides them in all their programs. He appreciated the good cooperation they have between them and the sector of Rusororo by thanking the Rwandan government for its continued commitment to churches in the field of cooperation in the conservation of the Rwandan people.


The Secretary of Education in the Rusororo Sector in the ceremony in his address to the participants of the program: “ On behalf of the Executive Secretary of Rusororo Sector, we want to thank the  Inkuru Nziza church Cyabatanzi parish, led by Pastor Martin, your work is clear and we keep in mind that you are our good partners through the charity work you serve the people living in the Gasagara cell including, annual health insurance, vocational training, ECD, helping the needy, schooling, and the project you started building of constructing the basketball court at Gasagara Primary School, he also thanked the students who completed their vocational training. ”

A photo of graduates with The leaders presented in their ceremony



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